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3M transparency maker



TUNE-UP Service   

Just like your car needs a tune-up your 3M transparency maker or Thermo-fax needs a tune-up as well.  Flat fee includes Lube and Adjustment. Most of the time the machine will need a New copy belt and a New lamp, both are consumables and need changed for best performance. (Note: For an extra $100 fee I clean the cover, front console, the power cord, rollers and I also do some detail cleaning of the machine.) The machine may need other parts!

This web site is for service and repair of your Transparency Maker or Thermofax machine.


Need it done FAST?
Rush Tune-up Service Available Click here to scroll down to see details.

Thermofax TUNE-up Service will fix a lot of different problems. The TUNE-up will restore your machine to its top working order.

Pre-payment NOT required--Pay after work is done.

HOW to get started: PLEASE send an email with the model of your machine and attach Photos of the inside and outisde. You must send photos of the actual machine, NOT one like it, I want to see the actual machine. I do NOT work on all models. Also include details of what the unit is doing. After your email if your interested, I will send you my shipping address, where to send your machine!

Turn around time After receiving your machine 7-20 days. I return ship with Fedex from Florida. You can pay after work is done. I will send a Paypal invoice request for payment.

Estimate PER 12 amp 3m thermofax: Tuneup $225 plus return shipping $75-115. New 9 1/4" copy belt $90 installed. New Lamp $90 installed. Cleaning the cover front console and some detailing is $100 extra. Total $505 plus return shipping $95 =$600. Machine may need other parts.

If you want to pass on the cleaning, I do not clean. Pass on the lamp--I do nothing around the lamp, due to risk of damage. I also do not install other sellers lamps or parts.

Clean the cover, front console and some detailing $100.

Grimy or extra dirty fee $35, you should be able to tell me if it needs this fee, This fee goes with the cleaning fee above. If it just so bad I might charge more or choose not to clean.

Add clean the cover, front console and some detail cleaning of the machine. Click here to see Before and After Photos.

Re--boxing fee we both agree the machine should have another box $40, it is up to you.


Need it done FAST?
Rush Tune-up Service for $120 extra,
(example: unit arrives. Day 1, 2 & 3: I do the tuneup and test machine. Day 4,5 or 6: I return ship). You must have me paid before I ship--I will send a request for payment.
Rush Tune-up Service.

IMPORTANT: You must pack the machine properly buy a heavy duty box and over pack with packing peanuts.  Buy insurance in case of shipping damage!  We will use the same box and packing to return the machine to you.  We ship with Fedex.  We are Not Responsible for shipping damage.  No warranty for rollers, belt or bulb.  If the bulb breaks in shipping buyer agrees to purchase a new one.  We rarely have shipping damage maybe 1 in 25-50 machines probably less.  But we do get shipping damage from machines that are shipped to us due to improper packing.  Again, We are Not Responsible for shipping damage.

If we can not fix the machine or if parts are unavailable we charge a flat fee of $75 plus return shipping.


  Send me an Email

NOTE: NO NEW 15 amp lamps AVAILABLE. 15 amp thermofax machine Lamps are NOT available. If you have a 15 amp machine and the lamp is broken or dark, you can email me to check if I happened to have any good used 15 amp lamps available.

NO Drop-off: With a steady flow of machines shipped to me I have found shipping much easier than setting up 2 appointments for drop-off and pick-up. If your local then shipping should be very reasonable and generally arrive overnight. Let me know your local and I can lower the return shipping price. Thank You.

I have had to add a $10 per day storage fee, this begins 20 days following notification that your machine is complete. At 75 days the machine will be forfeited, it will be mine to do with as I please.