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This is a Good buy at $1600!

EVEN BETTER at $1350 Local Pickup Preferred


HEYER Copier / Transparency Maker Model 9100  does the same task as the  3M THERMOFAX / The Secretary Copying machine / Thermal Copier (This HEYER 9100 is in Good condition.)  


SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS of this machine below (not a stock photo)


Good Condition for its age and very EASY TO USE! 


Most 3M machines have a copy belt inside this machine has a glass cylinder see photos.


This is the Industry Standard, not the imported electronic junk I see people buy.  Then come buy a real machine from me!

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NOTE: Machine does show scuffs and scratches and some surface rust. Also note the on/off switch illuminator does not work, (the round illuminator works, but wiggles some).  The on/off switch works fine turning the machine on and off.  Also note it is (missing trim around the switch) around the on/off switch. see photos. The screws holding the cover on the machine are not correct but are working.  Trying to fill you in on this machine.  This machine works great! 


Note:  ACTUAL Stencil made with this machine below in video and photos!  TESTED using Full sheet of DETAILED/FADING flash!

SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS of this machine below (not a stock photo)

Also included photos of the inside NOTE the large glass cylinder.

SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS BELOW!        A Nice Machine--Priced to Sell--Buy It Now!! 

Please be aware Some models will Not work with regular thermal paper.  I buy machines TOO, have one for sale email me.  This machine is in good condition makes sharp stencils

ACTUAL PHOTOS of this machine below (not a stock photo)


Heyer Copier / Transparency Maker Model 9100


Test Stencil & flash included

Will test the machine again the day of packing

I will include 2 sheets of thermal paper for testing when you get it.

 see video making an ACTUAL stencil with this machine


I will pack the machine with plenty of packing peanuts.  If the glass cylinder gets broken we will have to file insurance claim.  You will have to wait for a refund.



Below photo shows test stencil--WOW This machine WORKS GREAT.






Back of machine in below photo. Paper exits machine from the back see video. 



Glass Cylinder can be seen in below photo.

Note: 120 volt power plug






Note switch trim is ugly. 






Movie testing machine below.

Works like it should, (if the machine is hot) it will continue to run after light goes out to cool down the machine.  


ACTUAL Stencil made in video below. 


Dial was at the number 2.5 position Note thermal paper and flash inside heavy duty blue carrier going through machine, you will need to adjust the dial for best stencil lines.


If you can't see the above video I have also added a link to it below.

Click Here to Play the Movie/Video file


·  Flash must be laser printed or photo copied, NOT Ink jet or bubble jet.

·  Don't adjust speed when making stencil. 

·  When the light comes, you need to pause slightly to allow to light to get hot. (slight pause 0.5-1 second)

·  It is important to feed the stencil paper straight into the machine to avoid jamming the machine with the paper.

This machine uses Thermal paper, you must purchase yourself, no thermal paper included!


These sell for well over $1,999.00 DOLLARS from tattoo distributors.

BUY IT NOW and Save $$$.

Additional info (IMPORTANT)

  • Buyer agrees to pays 45.00 Shipping, Handling & Insurance.
  • Machine will be Shipped FedEx Home Ground, include your phone number with payment, if a Business please say so.
  • Payment Must be Made with PAYPAL. 
  • I ship Fast!
  • Insurance Is Included,
  • Important --> If the machine or any part of the unit is damaged it is up to the Buyer to file a Insurance claim (keep box and all packing material) I will help where needed.
  • You can Not file a claim on a broken lamp, it is a breakable/replaceable item
  • Will only ship to continental US states. US Bidders ONLY.
  • Thanks for looking! Email if You have any Question's!
  • All sales Final, Sold as is.
  • The above line means--No warranty--No Returns
  • By purchasing buyer agrees to these terms before and after all other terms and conditions.