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$1950 total
includes Fedex Ground Shipping with Insurance

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“Used. Cover has New paint. Console and cover may show scratches and scuffs, see the 7 ACTUAL photos and video testing this machine below. Serviced Tested and Cleaned, I just installed a NEW 9-3/8" Copy BELT, I Just installed a NEW Circuit Board and I also just installed a NEW LAMP. ALSO Includes a New Blue Carrier. Machine works Great see video below and 7 ACTUAL photos below. This machine is in Great Condition for its age. I Buy and Sale Thermofax machines! I have serviced hundreds of Thermofax machines. This machine has been Serviced, Tested and Cleaned by a DEALER. Cleaned not just wiped with a cloth.”

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3M Transparency Makers For Sale & ThermoFax For Sale

Often Imitated--Never Duplicated BSOMF :-)~

The Details are in the PHOTOS & Description, Be a smart shopper.

USED Great Condition:  Standard model 8700 Copier / Transparency Maker | THERMOFAX | 3M Thermo-fax | The Secretary Copying Machine  | Thermal Copier

Cleaned, Serviced and Tested $350 value. 

NEW 9-3/8" Copy belt JUST installed $60 value

NEW 12 amp 1350 watt Lamp JUST installed $100 value

NEW Circuit Board JUST installed $150 value

NEW Blue thermal carrier 9"x12" included a $25 value (as pictured)

 $685 in Parts and Service DONT MISS OUT!!!

This is the highly sought after model 8700 has s slightly smaller footprint becuase of the chopped looking front console.

This is Professional Tattoo Equipment

The Industry Standard

Standard model 8700

This Machine has a very nice and shiny GOLD reflector see photos--GREAT Stencils 

Works GREAT Looks Great

 SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS below(not a stock photo).

TESTED, see photo--ACTUAL STENCIL made with this machine.  The dial pointing at number 8.25 position Note flash and thermal paper only going through machine  (with the new  blue carrier it would need to run slightly slower), your position may vary.  Thermal paper has 4 layers.  Pull out the thin brown wax layer (its trash), Now pick up 2 layers and place artwork against back layer face up and pass through machine.  I will test the machine again the day of packing / shipping.  I will include 2 sheets of thermal paper and The sheet of FLASH to test it when it arrives.

Why buy an untested machine Or buy from someone who does not repair them.  I see other sellers wipe it with a cloth and call it Professionally Serviced & Tested or they buy a new copy belt from me and call it Refurbished, Buyer Beware. 

I have been refurbishing thermofax machines since the late 90's, My phone number has been the same for 28+ years and has never changed on eBay.  

Check out my other listings or visit me at ---> bulldogsandbirds.com/thermofax.htm I have other 3M Transparency Makers and Thermofax Machine FOR SALE !!

SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS of this machine(not a stock photo), it is one machine--Great condition, Cover has Fresh paint, console and cover may have Marks, scuff marks, scratches and NICKS--USED--SOLD AS-IS--No Returns--No Warranty 

9-3/8" Copy Belt is NEW.  12 amp 1350 watt Lamp is NEW, Circuit board NEW, Plus a NEW Blue Carrier.  Spare New replacement copy belts are $51.50 shipped, from me,  if you google:  thermofax belt

TIP: Regular belt cleaning, belt alignment and roller cleaning are a good idea!

 (NOTE: belt cleaning instructions are on the inside of the cover)

DON'T miss out, Buy it Now!!

No Warranty for rollers, belt or the bulb.  If bulb breaks in shipping buyer agrees to purchase a new one.  Also Not responsible for any damage caused by dropping, one more time, No Returns.

SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS below(not a stock photo).

NOTE: Power cord is missing the ground prong as pictured below.



This machine is in great condition for its age!


In below photo latches are down, red lever is down. This is the proper position--New 9-3/8" belt is centered and tight.


In below photo latches are up, red lever is up, print roller, NEW lamp and NEW copy belt can be seen--copy belt is loose.


This machine is in great condition for its age!


In below photo You can see the New Circuit Board circled in green.


ACTUAL Stencil made in video below. 
Note flash and thermal paper only going through machine  (with the new  blue carrier it would need to run slightly slower), your position may vary.

link to VIDEO below.

NOTE video is high quality you may need to watch it a couple times to stop the video lag.

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IMPORTANT information

  • Buyer agrees to pays 75.00 Shipping, Handling & Insurance. I pack the machines very good. 
  • Machine will be Shipped FedEx--Home or Ground, include your phone number with payment.
  • Insurance Is Included
  • All sales Final, NO Returns.
  • By purchasing buyer agrees to these terms before and after all other terms and conditions.
  • Will only ship to continental US states. US Bidders ONLY.
  • eBay has a NEW flat fee. They charge 10% so $199.00. Also 10% on the shipping fee $6.50. Dont forget paypal (eBay) fees 3%, $62. Wow ebay will get $268+ damn...