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3M Transparency Maker Model 3M 4500. (The 3M 4500 is the ONLY model with a wide 12" clear copy belt. It is the 2nd most recently manufactured 3M machine and is one of the most highly sought after models.)  Also called a 3M Thermo-fax "The Secretary" Copier / THERMOFAX / Thermal Copier

SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS of this machine below(not a stock photo)

3M 4500 Black machine only model that may have a 12 inch copy belt. 
3M Transparency Makers For Sale & ThermoFax For Sale

The Details are in the PHOTOS & Description, Be a smart shopper.

USED Good Condition:  3M model 4500 Copier / Transparency Maker | THERMOFAX | 3M Thermo-fax | The Secretary Copying Machine  | Thermal Copier

Cleaned, Serviced and Tested $500 value. 

New Dial potentiometer just installed $25 value

New replacement Circuit Board just installed $150 value

Fresh Krylon Fushion Black paint on the cover $30 value

New 12" Copy belt just installed $100 value

New 12 amp 1350 watt Lamp just installed a $100 value

NOTE: Machine does show some surface rust on multiple parts, I have lowered the price due to the surface rust. Dont miss out on this $2600 machine!

NOTE: This machine was very dirty and shows some surface rust, I removed the machine from the chassis and cleaned the chassis. Chassis looks clean, great! The console and cover may show scratches and scuffs, I painted the cover with Krylon Fusion Black paint, cover shows some scratches. Dial is faded and has a hairline crack. See the 10 ACTUAL photos and video testing this machine below.  Serviced Tested and Cleaned. This machine is in Good Condition for its age, does still shows some surface rust on mulitple parts.

The ONLY Model Produced by 3M that may accept a 12" wide copy belt.  I Buy and Sale Thermofax machines! I have serviced hundreds of Thermofax machines. This machine has been Serviced, Tested and Cleaned by a DEALER.  Cleaned not just wiped with a cloth.

This is Professional Tattoo Equipment -- The Industry Standard

3M 4500 Wide machine

 SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS (not a stock photo).

TESTED, see photo--3 ACTUAL STENCILS made with this machine, see video below.  The dial pointing at number 9 position Note flash and thermal paper only going through machine  your position may vary.  Thermal paper has 4 layers.  Pull out the thin brown wax layer (its trash), Now pick up 2 layers and place artwork against back layer face up and pass through machine.  I will test the machine again the day of packing / shipping.  I will include 2 sheets of thermal paper and The sheet of FLASH to test it when it arrives.

I have been refurbishing thermofax machines since the late 90's celebrating 20 years 1999-2019, My phone number has been the same for 30+ years  

SEE ACTUAL PHOTOS of this machine(not a stock photo), it is one machine--Good condition, Cover shows scratches and scuffs marks and NICKS--USED--SOLD AS-IS--No Returns--No Warranty 

  Spare New replacement copy belts are $98 shipped, from me,  if you google:  thermofax belt

TIP: Regular belt cleaning, belt alignment and roller cleaning are a good idea!

 (NOTE: belt cleaning instructions are on the inside of the cover)

DON'T miss out, Buy it Now!!

No Warranty for rollers, belt or the bulb.  If bulb breaks in shipping buyer agrees to purchase a new one.  Also Not responsible for any damage caused by dropping, one more time, No Returns.

This machine is in great condition for its age!

Note in the 3rd photo latches are down, red lever is down. This is the proper position--12" wide copy belt is centered and tight.

Note in the 4th photo latches are up, red lever is up, print roller, lamp and copy belt can be seen--copy belt is loose.

Will test the machine again the day of packing
I will include 2 sheets of thermal paper for testing when you get it.
NOTE: after purchase Owners manual for the 3M 4550 can be sent with email just ask.

In below photo latches are down, red lever is down. This is the proper position--belt is centered and tight.

In below photo latches are up, red lever is up, print roller and 12" belt can be seen--copy belt is loose. You can also see the 12 amp lamp

Note photo below shows a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper sideways, you can see the belt on the 3M 4500 machines are 12" notice longer roller in the back for the 12" belt. (Compair to the next photo showing a 9" machine) Photo below is a sample 3m 4500 machine.
Note photo below shows a 8.5" x 11" piece of paper sideways, you can see the belt on the machine below is 9" (machine below not included only showing you a 9" belt machine).
Movie testing machine below.
Works like it should, (if the machine is hot) the machine fan will continue to run until cool -- with the light out.  
Note flash and thermal paper only going through machine, you may need to adjust the dial for best stencil lines.
link to Video below.
ACTUAL Stencil made in video below. 
Click Here to Play the Movie/Video file

Note flash and thermal paper only going through machine.  Your dial position may vary.

If the link above does not work, you have to copy and paste the below link into your browser.


IMPORTANT information

  • Buyer agrees to pays 95.00 Shipping, Handling & Insurance. I pack the machines very good. 
  • Machine will be Shipped FedEx--Home or Ground, include your phone number with payment.
  • Insurance Is Included
  • All sales Final, NO Returns.
  • No Warranty NO RETURNS
  • By purchasing buyer agrees to these terms before and after all other terms and conditions.
  • Will only ship to continental US states. US Bidders ONLY.
  • NO Returns.
  • No Warranty for rollers, belt or the bulb.  If bulb breaks in shipping buyer agrees to purchase a new one.  Also Not responsible for any damage caused by dropping, one more time, No Returns.



  • Flash must be laser printed or photo copied, NOT Ink jet or bubble jet.
  • Always run machine at fastest setting possible(at least until you are familiar with your machine) to avoid burning clear carrier belt.
  • Don't adjust speed when making stencil. 
  • It is important to feed the stencil paper straight into the machine to avoid jamming the machine with the paper.
  • When the light comes, you need to pause slightly to allow to light to get hot.  (slight pause 1-3 seconds)
  • When you insert the stencil paper (the machine comes on) make sure the light is on before continuing to insert stencil paper.
  • If the machine ever continues to run...and the light is on...to avoid melting the clear carrier belt--Quickly--unplug the machine open the cover and grasp back roller and turn the belt manually (it turns easiest turning the belt away from you).  Practice turning the roller now so you know how.
  • If you ever insert the thermal paper and the machine comes on, including the light but it does not take the paper...to avoid melting the clear carrier belt--Quickly--unplug the machine open the cover and grasp back roller and turn the belt manually (it turns easiest turning the belt away from you).  Practice turning the roller now so you know how. 
  • This machine uses Thermal paper, you must purchase yourself, no thermal paper included!

Additional info (IMPORTANT)

My Recent Thermofax Reviews: Each line below represents a thermofax machine Buyers Review.  All comments below are ONLY from thermofax machines.    Please read them, I have worked hard and earned each one.  You will be pleased too!  I strive to deliver 5-star customer service, Please consider buying from me!

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